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 Refcom is a business owned by the Singhania family which started as a small refractory solution company back in 1982, manufacturing specialized monolithic castables and shapes. Now with the experience of more than 39 years, expertise and continuous R&D, we provide high-quality castables, ramming masses and mortars, and pre-cast pre-fired (PCPF) refractory shapes as per the customer requirement. With the constant quality testing and multi-located manufacturing facilities with advanced technology plant and machinery, we assure you of value for money on our products.

 Refcom has pioneered the use of LC castables first time in India in the year 1985 along with corroboration of other labs. Thereafter we have pioneered self-flow castables, specialised roof burner blocks for reheating furnaces. We have introduced insitu spinel forming castables and the list still continues

Our quality assurance and R & D team are working constantly on designing new products to suit customer needs in todays dynamic environment. Our R&D team is in collaboration with several reputed R&D labs including SAIL-RDCIS, Ranchi for development of several innovative products and has successfully supplied the same to Indian Iron & Steel industry since last 35 years. Refcom has pioneered the LC castables with RDCIS in the year 1985 and supplied the same to many steel plants successfully. To name a few Refcom has developed & has expertise in LC Castables, Self flow castables, Insitu Spinel forming castables & special application PCPF blocks like roof banner blocks etc.

The Core Strength :
  • Complete laboratory facility in line with BIS/ASTM standards and as per end application.
  • Offer Turn key Refractory Engineering, design, Supply & installation services.
  • Proven systems and mixers for process & installations.
  • Strong team of service engineers for end users & supervision of our supplied products.
  • Industry focussed product development approach.
  • We deliver our customers the best value for money.
Akash Singhania
Director of Company